Quedank: Simplify
Simplified information, tips, tutorials, and more.
Quedank: Simplify

Welcome to Quedank: Simplify, where we try to explain things the simplest way we can. Our topics are about Multimedia, Computer Science, and Digital Marketing.

Computer Science

Are you building or maintaining a website? Or perhaps you just need your way around a server. Browse our computer related articles where we help you “Keep Things Simple”.

Programming and Coding

We have simple codes that you can just copy or practice with. Perfect if you’re still learning a CMS or tasked to develop a website.

Servers and Hosting

Problems with your servers or hosting? We might have the solutions you need.

Digital Marketing

Bring your brand closer to your target market. Good digital marketing practices are essential for any business’ survival as they fix challenges by using proper content, planning, and data analysis.

Brand Marketing Tips

Got a small business that you’d like to boost exposure for? Take a look at our brand marketing tips, you might get an idea or two from us.


Get more organic traffic for your website by optimizing it for search engines. Rank higher with our SEO techniques and tutorials. 


You’re creative, artistic, and have the necessary tools to create your digital masterpece. But there are still a few details you need help with. It can be as simple as knowing how to export your videos or editing your music. We can help you with that too!

Audio and Video

Increase your audio and video editing skills with our step-by-step quick tutorials.

Image Editing

Got pictures to edit? You might be having a hard time with the complicated buttons you see on your screen. Check out some of our tips!